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Install Calendar Planner Chrome extension to easily schedule appointments, set reminders, and look up federal holidays. Pin the extension to your browser's toolbar to access the calendar widget.

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Step 2: Add the extension
Step 3: Access a free calendar tool

How it works

Manage appointments with Calendar Planner

Step 01 To schedule an
appointment, click the ‘ + ‘ icon or a date or ‘Add New’ on the Calendar widget and add appointment details
Step 02 Customize an appointment's frequency, date and time, and color code, or add a meeting link
Step 03 Set a reminder to get a notification 5-15 minutes before a scheduled appointment.
Step 04 To modify or cancel appointments, click the
edit and delete icons on the widget

Top Features

Easy to use

Manage your schedule with our free tool. Create, edit, or delete appointments in a few clicks and get reminders 5-15 minutes before the appointments. Use the search box on our calendar widget to search for major holidays and scheduled appointments.


Top Features

Stay informed about the next federal holiday

Simplify your holiday planning with this free tool. Schedule time off, check for important cultural events, and identify long weekends to plan your travel.

Available on Chrome

Efficiently organize your day, week and month with Calendar Planner. Try it for free today! To use the extension once installed, follow these easy steps:


Click on your browser toolbar


Click next to Calendar Planner to pin it to your toolbar


Start using the extension

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